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Module 1: Stories You Tell Yourself

Find yourself in misunderstandings?

Here's the Root!

Module 2: Anger- A Mask for Fear and Pain

Mystified WHY others get so mad?

Look deeper.

It just may be true for you too!

Module 3: Resolving Unwanted Emotional Responses

How do you keep your cool when big emotions come?

Try this first!

Each module includes:

  • a lesson video

  • relatable scenarios and application exercises

  • writing prompts (with printable worksheets) for your own meaningful application

By bringing an open heart and a willingness to complete the "homework," your inner journey will open up. You will make more sense of your emotions. As you apply tools, you will feel shifts toward more internal peace, stability and power.

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Plan to spend up to 30 minutes per module.

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